Rules for the care and management of dogs and cats in Tbilisi


5 1. The owner is obliged to ensure the storage and care of the animal, which is in accordance with the biological and ethological characteristics of the animal of a particular breed, namely to provide:

A) Proper nutrition and watering: b) Physical activity; C) sanitary supervision;

D) sleeping area placement, heating and lighting; E) in case of crossbreeding of a female animal, creation of appropriate conditions for the bulk and the animal.

2. The owner is obliged to make a warning inscription on the movement area of ​​the dogs.

3. It is not allowed to leave the animal unattended. The owner is obliged to take the animal to an animal shelter in case of inability to further care for it.

4. It is forbidden to hold animal fights.

5. It is forbidden to bring animals in public food outlets, grocery stores, pharmacies.

6. Burial of an animal corpse is allowed only in a special place (biothermal pit). . The owner of the animal is also obliged to observe the following conditions related to the presence of the animal:

A) ensure the possibility of animal identification. Identification can be done in three basic ways: microchipping, tattooing / or special necklace.

These methods of identification can be used both independently and in combination. For identification, they must be marked: name and surname of the owner of the animal, his address, contact telephone number. In addition, the person who places the means of identification on the animal is obliged to maintain a register of animals identified by him, which, at the request of the authorized person, transmits it free of charge;

B) Walking dogs (except dogs of ornamental breeds) in public places (streets, stadiums, squares, parks and other public places), except for special walking places, as well as in st. Transportation of a dog by public transport within the administrative boundaries of Tbilisi is allowed only with a leash and a helmet;

C) it is necessary to have a veterinary-sanitary examination of the animal once a year;

D) the owner of the animal is obliged not to allow the contamination of the public space, and in case of contamination to ensure the cleaning of the public space;

E) The owner of the animal is obliged to immediately inform the appropriate medical-veterinary institution about the bite of a person or other animal by the animals he owns, to visit the veterinary medical institution, to establish veterinary supervision over the animal. Veterinary supervision costs are paid by the animal owner;

F) immediately inform the veterinary clinic about the animal disease;

G) in case of death of an animal, immediately notify the veterinary clinic and the authorized body to take appropriate measures;

H) the owner is obliged to compensate the damage caused by his animal, in accordance with the rules established by the legislation of Georgia.

8. Measures of responsibility for violation of the obligations defined by this rule by animal owners are established by the legislation of Georgia. Article 6. St. Authorized body for management and control of animal populations in Tbilisi

1. ქ. Organizing the management and control of animals living in Tbilisi and their populations in Tbilisi. Powers of the Government of Tbilisi, which the Government may exercise directly through the Municipal Service, a legal entity established by the Government or another person authorized to do so in accordance with the rules established by law.

2. The competence of the authorized body includes:

A) catching, isolating and supervising stray and unattended animals; B) production of an animal database;

C) granting one of the statuses defined by this rule to an animal;


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